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Monday, June 27, 2016

7 Years

I have been anticipating this anniversary more than the rest so far. Matthew and I heard a statistic early on in marriage or maybe even before our wedding day that if you make it to year 7 you're more likely to stay together/less like to divorce. Well that is NOT why I've been anticipating it, 7 is just my favorite number AND we can sing Ben Rector's song "I Like You" all year ;) You see, from day one in our marriage there has been no "backdoor." The "D" word has never been used as a threat. It's just plain and simple not an option.

In a world that has exchanged sacred,  lifelong covenants for easily, revocable contracts it may be hard to understand this. 

However, our marriage covenant resolve isn't so much about me or Matt but about Christ. We cannot in our own strength, wisdom, or determination keep those precious vows we made to one another on June 27, 2009. We can't.

Only because our lives are anchored in Christ, the perfect, faithful spouse can we have hope to remain faithful to one another as long as we both shall live. 

Only because Christ laid His life down for His Bride, can we daily lay down our lives and our "rights" for the other. 

Only because we have been completed and received a new identity in Christ can we be free from looking for fulfillment and completion in another human being. 

When we get the end goal in view, an eternity worshipping and glorifying the risen and reigning King, then the journey of how to get there becomes less about me or Matt grabbing for temporary pleasures and more about allowing Jesus to grow us into "mature and complete, lacking nothing" image bearers of our great and glorious God. 

There is no one I'd rather have shaping me into my future glory self than you, Bish. Happy 7th Anniversary! Here's to another year of joys and trials, adventurous days and mundane days, triumphs and challenges! Thanks for holding my hand and my heart on this journey. I'll love you forever.  


  1. I love that we are able to witness this beautiful covenant .....not in 2009 but in this very moment ! Love you too and feel blessed to share in community with your precious family �� We love you ! God is good......in all seasons ������☃��........deep roots planted by the Living Water��

  2. Clearly emojis don't translate well ; )